Here are Blue Lagoon Kava, we've spent years trying many of the different methods of kava preparation you may read about online. Different methods will always be used while speaking with different people, and that's fine too - you should find the method that works best for you.

At Blue Lagoon Kava we have found what is generally referred to as the "Traditional Method" to be our preference when preparing kava. This is of course the way used by most of our friends in the Pacific Islands where your kava comes from.

Items needed

1. Good quality kava. This is obviously the most important thing. We only sell kava that we personally drink and continue to 'test' on an ongoing basis.

2. A measuring cup and scales. This is probably better for someone new to kava as a way to gauge what ratio works best for them. Over time you will become an expert and wont need these.

3. Strainer bag. We have personally used all sorts of different strainers through  the years including t-shirts, socks, pillow cases and even mum's stockings. We have found that a nylon strainer bag (approx 50 - 75 micron) has yielded the best results for us. Nylon is very strong, has low absorbency and is easy to clean. 

4. Large Bowl. We recommend using a larger bowl, even if making a smaller batch, as sometimes a little bit of mess can be expected. 



The amounts we have suggested are only a guide and are dependent on the individual. They are for one person for a single session. blah blah blah disclaimer?

1. Put desired amount of kava root into your strainer bag. We recommend approximately 40 grams, however we sometimes mix up to 100 grams - not normally on a school night.


2. Add water. We recommend a 1:10-15 kava to water ratio. So for 40 grams of kava, you mix with approximately 400 - 600 ml of water. We have found that a water temperature of around 35-40c to be ideal. Be sure to soak powder and allow to sit for a while (up to 10 minutes) to ensure all root fibers soften up. This will aid in extracting the Kavalactones from your Kava.


3. Squeeze, squeeze hard. Begin kneading your kava inside the bag whilst suspended in the water. Every so often, lift your strainger bag and squeeze all of the water out. Re-soak kava and repeat. Continue this for around 5 - 10 minutes. The water should begin to turn darker brown in appearance and start to feel oily. When finished, be sure to squeeze as much liquid out of your strainer bag as you can.




Optional - there is always a small amount of fine kava root powder to be expected in the finished product. This can be dependent on the type of strainer you use / how fine your kava powder is. Whilst the more of this sediment consumed will yield stronger effects, just like anything you can over do it. If you find there is too much or just prefer a smoother beverage, you can do a second strain which involves pouring the liquid back through the strainer and carefully squeezing out all the liquid again.


How to drink

To get the best results from your kava experience, we recommend beginning your kava session on an empty stomach - we normally wait approximately 3-4 hours after our last meal before consuming.

Stir bowl before each serving as sediment will settle. Fill your kava challice with approximately 100-200ml of prepared kava and down it/slam it/scull it. Whilst not required, a lot of people opt for a sweet chaser to combat kava's naturally bitter and earthy taste. We recommend to allow at least 15-20 minutes between each serving.

** Important (especially for new kava drinkers). Kava is well known for having a reverse tolerance and for some people it can take a few sessions to feel kava's full effects.

As with anything, kava should be used in moderation. Whilst we can only speak for ourselves, we have found that kava has this way of telling us when we've had enough.