Blue Lagoon Kava was born as a result of many attempts to find A grade, high quality kava, in a sustainable and ethical way. We believe that by partnering with Farmers direct in the Pacific, we are able to deliver the highest grade most pure kava straight from farm to shelf, avoiding any middlemen, blend mixing or issues with weak kavalactone content.

Our kava costs more than most and it always will. But not because we are a greedy company or are trying to make the "big bucks". 

You are directly impacting and supporting the lives, family, and community of a farmer. We pay a greater price for our kava and spend more time assisting our suppliers with export preparation. Rather than selling their products cheaply to someone who is already able to export and may take advantage of that, we guarantee that with our help, they are able to comprehend and manage government export / import legislation and biosecurity standards, which sets them up for success in the future. We ensure that more money reaches the farmers' hands.

You aren't just paying for 1kg of Kava. You're directly helping fund a child's education, a roof over a families head and rewarding a farmer for working his hands to raw for years to produce a crop. 

Sometimes life isn't always about the money, it's about doing the right thing and making a positive difference in the world. 


Matt & Shannon
Blue Lagoon Kava